Research Scholarships 2022

    Research Scholarships 2022  Computer Science: Fully Funded EPSRC DTP PhD Scholarship: Visualization of Temporal Networks through Interactions with the Space-Time Cube (RS151)

Date of end: October 14, 2022
Important Facts

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) DTP is the group that gives the money.

Computer Science is the subject.

Project start date:

Jan. 1, 2023

Managers of projects:

Dr Daniel Archambault (
Gary Tam, M.D.

Program of study that fits: PhD in Computer Science


African STEM Women  Scholarship Award


Research Scholarships 2022


Full-time study mode

Project description:

More and more people are using dynamic data sets where each piece of data has its own time stamp. Algorithms have been made for drawing temporal networks in the space-time cube (2D + t), which makes it possible to see dynamic graphs in an event-based way. But it’s hard to find your way around three-dimensional representations of information that isn’t about space. So, you need interactive systems to fully understand the structure of a graph and how it changes over time.






International Student Scholarship 2022/23 and 2023/24


The student will look into ways to divide and see the space-time cube that are easy on the eyes. The first step of the project will be to show what’s inside this space-time cube by drawing an embedded network with an event-based dynamic graph drawing algorithm. In this case, the methods for visualizing will focus on showing the structure that is already there in the drawing, which takes both space and time into account. Then, we’ll look at ways to draw the dynamic graph on demand in the user-controlled space-time cube.

Candidates must usually have a bachelor’s degree with a grade of at least 2.1 in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a closely related field, or a master’s degree in a related field with an overall grade of at least “Merit” (or Non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University). See 2019 Information by Country for European Applicants and 2019 Information by Country for International Applicants.

If you need to, you must have an IELTS score of 6.5 overall (with no single score below 6.0) or a Swansea-approved equivalent. Here, you can find information about how to get into Swansea University’s English Language course.

Any person from any country can apply for this scholarship. Please note that all UKRI-funded scholarships have an international quota. If the number of applicants has already been met by the deadline, you may no longer be eligible for this scholarship.

Note: If you have a degree from a country other than the UK, please look at the Swansea University degree comparisons to see if you are eligible.

If you have any questions about your academic or fee eligibility based on the above, please email with the web link to the scholarship(s) you are interested in.

This scholarship pays for all tuition fees and gives a stipend of £16,062 per year.

There will also be money for more research costs.
How to Use it

To apply, fill out an online form with the following information:

Please choose Computer Science, PhD, Full-time, 3 Years, January as your course.

If you have already applied for the above program, the application system may give you a warning and stop you from applying again. If this happens, please send an email to and someone will help you send your application.
Please choose 2023 as your start year. Funding (page 8):

“Do you pay for your own schooling?” Please choose “No” for “Name of Person or Organization Giving Money for Study” and type “RS151 – PhD Comp Sci.”

*It is the responsibility of the applicant to list the above information correctly when applying. Please note that applications without the above information will not be considered for the scholarship award.

Each Swansea University-led research scholarship award needs its own application. Applications that list more than one Swansea University-led research scholarship award will not be considered.

As part of your online application, you MUST upload (do not email) the following documents:

Form to Track Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) (online form)
Certificates of degrees and transcripts (if you are currently studying for a degree, screenshots of your grades to date are sufficient)
A cover letter with a “Supplemental Personal Statement” that explains why the job is a good fit for your skills and experience and how you plan to develop the project.
Two references, either academic or from a previous job, on letterhead or the Swansea University reference form. Please be aware that we can’t use references that come from private email accounts like Hotmail. Referees should give their email address at work so that the reference can be checked.
Proof that the English language requirement has been met (if applicable).
Copy of visa to live in the UK (if applicable)

Dr. Daniel Archambault can be reached at for any informal questions.

*External Partner Application Data Sharing: Please note that as part of the scholarship application selection process, application data may be shared with external partners outside of the University when joint/co-funding of a scholarship project is appropriate.



How to Apply

To apply, please complete your application online with the following information:

  1. Course choice – please select Computer Science / PhD / Full-time / 3 Year / JanuaryIn the event you have already applied for the above programme previously, the application system may issue a warning notice and prevent application, in this event, please email where staff will be happy to assist you in submitting your application.
  2. Start year – please select 2023

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