Six countries were not asked to attend the funeral of the Queen

Six countries were not asked to attend the funeral of the Queen   Six big countries, including Russia and Belarus, have not been invited to the Queen’s official funeral.


Ezenwa west and billions of people waved farewell to Queen Elizabeth

All countries with which the UK has diplomatic relations have been invited to the Queen’s funeral services. Most countries can send their leader or an appointed delegate in addition to a guest, but the Commonwealth states, whose monarchs continue to serve as heads of state, will have more representatives.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Italian President Sergio Mattarella are among those who have publicly stated that they will be present. Alongside Felipe and Letizia, the King and Queen of Spain, representatives from Turkey and Brazil will also be present at the meeting.


Some countries with whom the United Kingdom does not have diplomatic relations, such as Iran, North Korea, and Nicaragua, have also been invited on an ambassadorial level. However, there are still six countries that are not present at the event, which means that they have been effectively excluded.

The United Kingdom does not have any diplomatic ties with Syria or Venezuela, and due to the unstable political climate in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power one year ago, Kabul has not been invited to send a representative to these meetings.






These three nations, along with Russia, Belarus, and Myanmar, are on the list of countries that have not been asked to send a representative despite the fact that an invitation to send one’s head of state has been sent to the majority of governments throughout the world.

Whitehall insiders have compared the difficulty of organizing the burial, which will be attended by leaders from all over the world, to the challenge of organizing hundreds of state visits in a couple of days, when there would ordinarily be no more than two or three such trips in an entire year. Practice runs are conducted in the middle of the night, which provides a significant difficulty from a logistical, political, and security standpoint.



In addition, the Japanese government has stated unequivocally that Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako will be present at the event. Because of a cultural belief rooted in the Shinto religion that considers death to be impure, Japanese emperors do not attend funerals as a matter of custom; therefore, the decision to attend the funeral of the Queen on Monday demonstrates the significance of the relationship between the two royal families as well as the strength of their ties.

Six countries were not asked to attend the funeral of the Queen

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