Sony being sued for $5.91 billion over PlayStation

Sony being sued for $5.91 billion, PlayStation owners may be owed up to $664 each PlayStation owners could be owed up to $664 per as a result of Sony being sued for $5.91 billion.



A portion of up to $5.91 billion may be available to millions of PlayStation owners after Sony was accused of “ripping off” UK customers. read more on Tsi’Tsu’Wu’Tul scholarship Award

The class action claims that Sony misused its market advantage and broke the law governing competition.

If successful, over 8.9 million UK customers would be entitled to compensation that ranges from $79 to $664, excluding interest.

Sony being sued for $5.91 billion over PlayStation




The claim asserts that Sony overcharged customers by charging exorbitant charges for digital games and in-game purchases.

It claims that a 30% commission was applied by the titan of the video game industry to every digital game or in-game transaction made through the PlayStation Store website.


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Consumer rights activist Alex Neill, who is leading the claim, claims that this ultimately had an impact on how much gamers spent for games.

The charges have not yet been addressed by Sony.

Anyone in the UK who has purchased digital games or downloadable content through their console or the PlayStation Store since August 19, 2016, is automatically covered by the claim.

You can still be eligible for a portion of the compensation should the claim ultimately be approved without registering.

Anyone who feels they are entitled to compensation can keep up with the claim by registering on

If Sony loses or a settlement is decided, you’ll be told what to do next.



You can typically add your name after a decision has been made even if you don’t sign up for updates in advance.

You’ll need them to show you were affected and will normally need receipts to do so, so don’t delete any purchase emails you’ve gotten from Sony.

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However, even if you don’t sign up for updates beforehand, you can usually still add your name after a decision has been made.

Don’t delete any purchase emails you’ve received from Sony; you’ll need them to prove you were impacted and will typically need receipts to do so.

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