How to Find the Npower State Focal Person in Your State

How to Find the Npower State Focal Person in Your State  In today’s Npower news, we’ll talk about How To Find Your Npower State Focal Person and how to get in touch with them, since they’re part of the deployment process. So keep going!

In our last update, we told you why it’s important to know your state’s point person. Some people paid attention to that update, but others didn’t.

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Even though this post is about how to meet your Npower state focal person, it’s important to know why they’re important to the success of your deployment.

The NSIP/Npower State focal person was very important to the Npower batch C stream 2 postings that were going on at the time. They were in charge of posting because it was done by hand and then sent to Npower management for deployment, which you can see on your Nasims portal self-service dashboard.

One important thing about the Npower state focal person in this deployment exercise is that before the Npower beneficiaries finish the 6 Steps in deployment completion, which you can read about here, You must find your state’s focal person for a stamp of approval. This is one of the six steps that Npower says Batch C2 beneficiaries must take to finish deployment.


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So now we can talk about how to find your state’s Npower focal person. You might find online some Npower state Focal Person phone numbers that no longer work because some of the state focal people have been replaced.

So, please follow the steps below to find your Npower state’s point person. This can be done by all of the people who get help from Npower in a given LGA!

1) You can find your Npower state contact person in your state’s NSIP office. Some State NSIP offices have accounts on social media. You can talk to them through their channel, but be sure to talk to the real handle.

2) Your State Focal Person in your LGA might ask you to meet up to talk about posting.

3) Supervisors at the NSIP office can help you find your Npower state Focal Person, and they may also be able to stamp your paperwork.

For now, there are no phone numbers for getting in touch with the person in charge of Npower until Npower/Nasims decides to do so. You can still find your FP by following the number (1) step above.



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For Complaints, email: For questions, you can send an email to or chat with the support team on Whatsapp at 07030859183. You can also call 0700 CALL NSIP or 070022556747 to make a complaint or ask a question.

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