Apply to the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program-2022

Apply to the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program-2022 Nursing students who meet the requirements can submit an application for the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. If you are chosen, we will cover all of your educational expenses, including your tuition, fees, and any related expenditures. In exchange, you will be required to work at a Critical Shortage Facility once you have completed your education.

Review and download the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program Fact Sheet (PDF – 165 KB)
Am I Eligible for a Scholarship?

You are eligible if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen (born or naturalized), a national, or a lawful permanent resident
  • Are an accepted or enrolled student in a nursing degree program at a United States accredited school of nursing
  • Begin classes no later than September 30
  • Don’t have any federal judgment liens
  • Don’t have an existing service commitment
  • Aren’t overdue on a federal debt


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Note: We give funding preference to those who need the most help financially.

How Do I Apply?

When a scholarship cycle is open, you may submit your application through the Bureau Health Workforce (BHW) Customer Service Portal.

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Why Should I Apply?

If you receive an award, you’ll get a monthly stipend—and we’ll pay your

  • tuition;
  • eligible fees;
  • reasonable costs (includes books, clinical supplies/instruments, and uniforms).
Is the Scholarship Taxable?

Yes. Your entire scholarship award is taxable.

We report all awarded funds to the IRS. We don’t withhold state and local taxes from any of the scholarship payments.

Nurse Corps cannot provide tax advice. We recommend you consult a tax professional if you need assistance or have tax-related questions.

What is a Critical Shortage Facility?

A Critical Shortage Facility is a public or private health care facility located in, designated as, or serving a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).

A HPSA is an area lacking enough primary care or mental health professionals.

Review the Application and Program Guidance (PDF – 628 KB) for a complete list of eligible facilities.

Why is the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program important?

Many Americans go without necessary health care. This includes checkups, preventive screenings, and vaccines. This happens when there aren’t enough health care workers in their communities.

There continues to be a need for nurses throughout the United States. The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program helps address these issues.

What impact has Nurse Corps had on communities in need?

Visit the Growth of the Nurse Corps Workforce page for more information on the impact the Nurse Corps has had on rural and underserved communities.

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