Google Maps will assist you in determining a neighborhood’s “vibe”

   Google Maps will assist you in determining a neighborhood’s “vibe”  Google Maps will help you figure out the “vibe” of a neighborhood. Google may soon let you know what a city neighborhood is like before you even go there. read —- The fastest chargers in the world that are also the best


The company is adding a “neighborhood vibe” feature to Maps for Android and iOS. This feature will help you find out what’s new and worth seeing in a certain area by giving you information and pictures. You might find a historic neighborhood with landmarks and museums, or you might find the hottest restaurants in the coolest part of town.

Google Maps will assist you in determining a neighborhood’s “vibe”


The technology is based on a mix of AI and contributions from the community, like photos and reviews, that are added to Google Maps. If everything goes well, the feature will change as the neighborhood changes.

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In the “coming months,” Maps users everywhere will be able to use the “vibe check.” No, this won’t teach you as much as someone who lives there. But it might help you plan a trip or a move because you’ll know what locals like to do and won’t have to look for things to do blindly.


Google Maps will assist you in determining a neighborhood's "vibe"








You can learn more about the ‘feel’ of a community with the assistance of Google Maps.

It’s possible that Google could soon be able to offer you an impression of a city neighborhood even before you step foot within it.



The business is launching a new feature for Maps for Android and iOS called “neighborhood vibe,” which will provide you with information and visuals to assist you become more familiar with what’s new and interesting in a specific location. You can stumble across a historic neighborhood that is packed with monuments and museums, or you might find the trendiest restaurants in the hipster neighborhood of the city.

The system is based on a combination of artificial intelligence and contributions made by the general public to the landscape of Google Maps, such as images and reviews. If all goes according to plan, the feature will develop in step with the progression of the neighborhood as a whole.

In the “coming months,” the vibe check will become available to users of Maps all across the world. No, you won’t have the same level of expertise as a local after doing this. You won’t have to go about aimlessly looking for things to do because you’ll have a good idea of what the residents of the area gravitate toward doing. This could be helpful if you’re planning a move or a vacation.


Oklahoma City Apple Store workers vote to join a union

Oklahoma City Apple Store workers vote to join a union.

Oklahoma City Apple Store workers decide to unionize

The Apple Store employees who have been attempting to unionize in secret since at least the beginning of this year have come a long way from utilizing encrypted chats to organize. In June, a Maryland Apple Store became the first outlet in the United States to unionize. Now, a second Oklahoma City retail store has voted in favor of unionization, making it the second Apple Store in the United States to organize formally. According to The Wall Street Journal, the group calls itself the Penn Square Labor Alliance since the store is located in the Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.

Approximately 100 employees at the business are eligible for union membership. 56 of these workers voted in favor of joining a union, while 32 voted against, according to figures supplied by the National Labor Relations Board. The organization intends to join the Communications Workers of America, which also represents employees of AT&T and Verizon. Charity Lassiter, an employee at the Oklahoma City store and member of the organizing committee, told The Journal, “Now that we’ve won the election, we hope that management will come to the table so that we can collectively build a company that prioritizes workers over profit and encourages employees to thrive.”

In the meantime, an Apple spokesman issued a comment to the outlet “We believe that maintaining an open, direct, and collaborative connection with our valued team members is the best way to create an exceptional experience for both our consumers and our team members. We are pleased to offer our team members a competitive salary and great perks.”

According to previous allegations, Apple has been attempting to deter employees from unionizing. Bloomberg reported a few days ago that the internet giant is providing its employees with enhanced health insurance and cash for educational possibilities. However, according to reports, the tech giant will withhold these benefits from unionized employees, who would now have to negotiate for them. The corporation is rumored to have prepared its managers with anti-union talking points when discussions of worker organizing attempts became more heated. Employees formally accused the tech giant of union busting, and the NLRB found merit in the charges that Apple spied on personnel, restricted access to pro-union fliers, and used captive audience meetings to spread anti-union messages. A judge from the NLRB is slated to hold a hearing in December unless all parties agree to a settlement.

Oklahoma City Apple Store workers decide to unionize

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