Here is the link for South Africans to apply for NSFAS 2023

Here is the link for South Africans to apply for NSFAS 2023   In today’s NSFAS 2023 Application news, we’ll tell you how to apply for NSFAS 2023 in South Africa now that an application portal is open.

In line with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) was set up (Act 56 of 1999). The mission statement is made up of three separate parts that explain why NSFAS exists and how it helps the people it serves:



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1) The NSFAS is there to help eligible students at TVET colleges and public universities get financial aid.

2) NSFAS finds students who are eligible, gives them bursaries, and collects past student loan payments to make sure there are enough funds for future students; and

3) The NSFAS helps students from low-income and working-class families who would not be able to study otherwise get into and do well in higher education and training.

South Africans who are interested in applying for NSFAS 2023 are being asked to do so by NSFAS.


How to apply:

Interested Applicants should go to to apply.

What You Need To Apply For NSFAS 2023:

a. Copy of your parent/s or guardian/ spouse ID

b. If it is Smart Card ID: both sides of the card are required

c. Proof of income (where applicable)

d. Persons living with a disability should complete the Disability Annexure A form, this form is available on our website

e. If you are recognized as a vulnerable child by the Department of Social Development, you must provide a completed Vulnerable Child Declaration form signed by a social worker

g. If you indicated that you do not have certain family member details and/or an abridged birth certificate, you must complete the Non-SASSA Declaration form available on our website

The system will generate a list of required documents to upload based on your application type.


NSFAS 2023 applications are required to download via the NSFAS website link above and complete the relevant required supporting documents listed below and submit it

1) Vulnerable Child declaration form

2) Declaration form non-SASSA

Disability Annexure A form

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