Apple Watch Series 8 goes back to $349 lowest price ever

Apple Watch Series 8 goes back to $349 lowest price ever    Apple Watch Series 8 goes back to $349, which is the lowest price ever

If you missed the first discounts on the Apple Watch Series 8, don’t worry. They’re back. Amazon is selling the 41mm GPS smartwatch for $349 again, which is the lowest price ever. You may have seen this price during the Prime Day Early Access sale. The deal is only for this smaller case size and doesn’t include cellular models, but you can choose which color you want.



Buy Apple Watch Series 8 at Amazon – $349


Although the Apple Watch Series 8 is only a marginal improvement over its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 7, at this price point, that’s not necessarily a negative thing. The newest wristwear includes accident detection, which may come in handy in an urgent situation, and temperature tracking, which may assist in monitoring ovulation cycles if you are attempting to conceive a child. The aspects that we loved best about the Series 7 have been carried over to the Series 8, including a speedy performance (including charging), a great always-on display, and a reliable operating system.



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That indicates that there are still some problems. Even with watchOS 9, Apple’s monitoring of users’ sleeping patterns is quite restricted. Even while the new low-power mode may help the battery last longer, it is quite likely that you will still need to charge it every day.




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And if you don’t require an always-on display or advanced health tracking, the Apple Watch SE can provide you with a significant portion of the main experience at a reduced cost. When the difference in price is reduced to $100, on the other hand, the Series 8 becomes a great deal simpler to defend.

Apple store workers go on strike in Australia

Apple retail staff go on strike in Australia


The labor action comes at a time when more workers in the United States are attempting to join unions.


Apple Watch Series 8 goes back to $349 lowest price ever
It’s not just the employees at Apple’s retail stores that are trying to unionize the company. According to estimates from The New York Times, some 150 members of the store’s staff went on strike for one hour on Tuesday after negotiations for improved compensation and working conditions reached a stalemate. On Wednesday, they stated that they would not be able to provide a variety of services, including the maintenance of AirPods and the management of deliveries.


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The striking workers demonstrated their support for labor unions and demanded a variety of improvements, including an increase in pay and work schedules that included two consecutive days off. During negotiations with labor unions, Apple offered its staff a higher minimum wage of $27.64 Australian Dollars (approximately $17.35 United States Dollars).



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However, the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association union referred to this as a “real wage cut” because it did not take into account inflation. This group is advocating for a pay of $31 AUD ($19.53 USD), which is nearly similar to what workers in the United States receive. According to the workers, it is also difficult to have weekends with the scheduling that is now in place.

Similar to the situation in the United States, there are suspicions that Apple is engaging in anti-union efforts. The Association asserts that Apple made it difficult for labor activists to conduct employee surveys in advance of the bargaining process. Apple is rumored to have attempted to speed up the vote on the deal.

Apple has refuted allegations that it is trying to hasten the vote and has stated that part-time employees have the flexibility to designate four or more days of availability. In addition to this, they are given their timetables two weeks in advance. The manufacturer of the iPhone stated in a statement that it is “among the highest-paying” firms in Australia and that it has made “several” enhancements to its benefits package. The statement was provided to The Times.

The walkout and the refusal to do certain tasks were in part prompted by labor action in the United States. Workers at an increasing number of Apple stores have been trying to join unions, with different degrees of success, in that region. Team members at an Apple store in Towson, Maryland were successful in their efforts to unionize, but subsequent allegations suggested that Apple was allegedly withholding benefits during the course of negotiations with the union. It appears that the firm has promoted anti-union talking points at a number of its retail locations, suggesting that formal representation may make matters even more difficult. Although it cannot be said with absolute confidence that American workers would go on strike like their counterparts in Australia, it is certain that the uproar is getting louder.

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