Menopause: Here Are Some Symptoms to Look Out For

Menopause: Here Are Some Symptoms to Look Out For Women rarely look forward to the stress of menstruation pains, ovulation hormone fluctuations, and period care. Because of this, menopause, when menstruation finally stops, should be a relatively stress-free time.


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Edith, a 54-year-old woman, explains that she was scared of menopause because she had heard stories of women who suffered from severe bleeding soon before their periods ended. She continues, “I don’t know why or how, but someone told me it was preferable to take away my womb before I went to menopause because it could lead to cervical cancer.


Menopause: Here Are Some Symptoms to Look Out For


Although the symptoms of menopause can vary from woman to woman, studies have shown that the transition does not increase the risk of developing cancer. Menopause can be induced via a hysterectomy (the removal of the ovaries) as part of cancer treatment. As a result, upon further inspection, the reverse of what Edith heard is true. As she entered her forties, she discovered the truth.



In other words, you can’t assume that menopause would affect your body in the same manner that it would affect someone else’s. Know that your period is going to play hide and seek with you, even if nothing else does. In some cases, a period that has been absent for two months may begin the following month.



Edith explains that she realized menopause was approaching when her periods began to come one month and then stop for two. “My period was irregular for nearly six months until it finally stopped.” She was 45 years old and had only noticed breakouts and chilly shivers in her feet. It’s as if your body were in Canada but your feet were in Nigeria. She had started wearing socks to bed, but she didn’t connect the change to menopause until it was brought up in a conversation with her friends.


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Typical symptoms include rapid mood swings, profuse sweating, and rapid weight growth, leading some to label Edith as “one of God’s favorites.” Beth, also aged 54, shared these experiences. She believes the heat was the only negative aspect of the experience. Considering how hot it already is in Nigeria, do you have any idea how much more torture that would be? Unlike anything else she had ever encountered. She could take a shower every day and still be drenched in sweat five minutes later.

She wore lighter cotton clothes, showered frequently, and carried a hand fan and face towel wherever she went. She began to fear it was a spiritual attack until her nurse buddy reassured her it was just menopause. Seeing her fan herself feverishly, the older women appeared to understand. Never doubt a Nigerian’s claim that “this sweat you dey sweat, menopause dun dey do you, abi?” you’re in fortunate because it’s merely perspiration you’re losing. Some folks just got sick.


Here’s What to Expect During Menopause


The menopause transition may not be the end of the symptoms. Omo, we just can’t accept that all is happening because one woman ate an illegal fruit. In part because the typical woman may still have lesser cases of overheating or chilly feet even a year after her periods have stopped.

You need a pick-me-up while these physiological shifts are taking place since you’ve been slammed with unexplained fatigue. It is for this reason that multivitamin supplementation is recommended for women. Beth not only resorted to it, but she started to believe in its efficacy, preaching it to the women who seek her out for aid in navigating menopause. In contrast, Edith stresses the need for a diet rich in fresh produce and natural spices like turmeric, ginger, and garlic.


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The trick to surviving menopause, like the rest of life, is to figure out what works for you and stay with it. Though menopause has its challenges, at least I no longer have to buy sanitary towels. Beth jokes, “At this rate, menopause should be something everyone looks forward to, what with the way they’re charging for them now and everything.

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