The latest news about Npower for Thursday October 20 2022

The latest news about Npower for Thursday October 20 2022  The latest news about Npower for Thursday, October 20 2022 In Today’s Latest Npower News for Thursday, October 20, 2022, we will talk about deployment posting issues for Npower batch C stream 1 and 2. So keep going!

The management of Npower says that the rumor that Npower batch C stream 1 recipients should join batch C2 in the deployment posting letter download and upload process is false. As a result, batch C 1 was told not to pay attention to any posting information.

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At the moment, Npower batch C stream 2 is being sent out. Beneficiaries who have been sent to their PPAs have already started working there, and those who have not yet been sent should keep checking the Nasims self-service portal for updates.

Npower Fixed Problems with Blank Deployment Letters

If you are sent to a PPA that is far away, you can move to a PPA that is close by if you want to. How to Apply for a New Job with Npower

Npower is working to finish the payment process for the August stipends for Batch C1 beneficiaries and start paying them soon. For people in stream 2, your first payment will start a month after the month you started getting payments again.



The Link to the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has introduced a new digital certificate platform, which allows WAEC candidates and other individuals to acquire Quick Access and obtain their WAEC certificate digitally across a variety of mobile and web-based devices.



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On this day, the 20th of October 2022, the WAEC digital certificate platform was made available to the public. Each year, over 2 million students take part in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, also known as the WASSCE. Those who have already passed the exam, even if it was in 1999, are eligible to receive the new digital certificate.

The inner workings of the WAEC Digital Certificate Platform

The first thing you need to do in order to access and confirm the certificates of candidates is to go to the WAEC digital certificate platform link (which can be found at and create an account. After that, you may either access your certificate or confirm one that already exists.

On the WAEC digital certificate portal, you will have the ability to distribute your Certificate, recover your Candidate Number, fund your Wallet, and make an inquiry. Additionally, you will be able to view your Certificate.

Candidates for the WAEC will now be able to obtain the original copies of their certificates and share them with others regardless of where they are located in the world.

Using this WAEC digital certificate, institutions and companies all around the world will be able to rapidly check and verify qualifications online using streamlined processes made possible by the certificate’s use.

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