Apple SVP confirms EU-compliant iPhones will use USB-C charging

  Apple SVP confirms EU-compliant iPhones will use USB-C charging    Apple SVP says that USB-C charging ports will be added to iPhones in order to comply with EU law.

When the European Parliament voted in favor of making USB-C the common charging standard in the region, it was quite evident which company was going to be the most affected by the mandate. This was the case because USB-C is the common charging standard in the region.

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  Apple SVP confirms EU-compliant iPhones will use USB-C charging


Apple, without a doubt. Even while the tech giant now offers iPad versions equipped with USB-C connectors, its iPhones must still be connected using a lightning connector. Now, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak has stated, during an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live event, that the tech giant will be moving to USB-C ports in order to comply with the EU’s rules.



“It is self-evident that we will be required to comply.” Joanna Stern, a senior columnist for the WSJ’s Personal Technology section, questioned Joswiak whether Apple is transitioning to USB-C, and Joswiak gave her response. But not before discussing the history of the company’s efforts to comply with regulations, such as making its phones compatible with hearing aids and how it had to devise its own solution because the technology that was available at the time was ineffective.

  Apple SVP confirms EU-compliant iPhones will use USB-C charging 


Joswiak also discussed the European Union’s efforts to promote the use of micro-USB connections, which began a decade ago. Apple designed its cables to be detachable so that users may simply swap out different connectors in response to a concern raised by the EU regarding the necessity for individuals to possess several adapters of varying types. The CEO explained that because of the decision, more than one billion individuals were able to keep using their lightning cables rather than disposing of them, which would have resulted in “a pile of e-waste.”




According to Joswiak, “we have no alternative as to complying with local regulations, as we do everywhere else in the world.” On the other hand, he did not clarify whether Apple is merely producing a unique edition for the European market while maintaining sales of phones equipped with lightning ports in other regions. In addition, he stated that Apple believes the approach would have been better for the environment and better for its customers if “a government had not been that prescriptive.”



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In the past, Apple has stated that the removal of power adapters from new products was done out of concern for the environment. According to the tech giant, this action will save 861,000 tons of metal and will also save gasoline due to the fact that more iPhones will be able to fit in shipping containers. However, the justification provided by the corporation was not accepted by all, and as a result, Apple has been fined multiple times in Brazil for removing adapters from iPhone packaging.



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The new directive from the EU requires that all iPhones and iPads sold in the region must be equipped with USB-C connectors by the time the requirement is fully implemented in 2024.

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