things To Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor

things To Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor

Npower news at the moment  today , we will be talking  about what  you should Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor that is circulating online.  It is necessary one get update and get the right information at all time

The Npower discussion group noticed that many Npower Agro beneficiaries were panicking over the weekend as a result of information shared online stating that the State Focal Person posting Npower Beneficiaries to N-agro when they know N-agro is canceled is another source of stress.



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The source of the information went further to call on the attention of @npower_ng saying that Beneficiaries should not suffer for the mistakes of others.

To begin with, claiming that the N-Agro program has been canceled is false and should not be taken seriously because Npower management has never stated that Npower Agro is being canceled.

Npower Agro, one of Npower’s programs, has the potential to create jobs if properly managed. As a result, we see no justification for its cancellation. Ignore any updates claiming that N-Agro has been postponed until Npower confirms otherwise.


The Npower Agro program has successfully deployed a large number of Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries, all of whom have completed their deployment and returned to work.

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Prior to the start of the Npower batch C program, management attempted to move the Npower Agro program to the non-graduate category. However, those plans fell through, and Npower Agro was relegated to the Npower graduate category, with a monthly stipend of N30,000.

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