UNIPORT GES 300: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook Answers

        UNIPORT GES 300: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook Answers   UNIPORT GES 300: Answers to the GES 300 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook


Uniport GES 300: This post is mostly for students who want to fill out the UNIPORT GES 300: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook. This article will help you check the answers you’ve chosen or the ones you want to choose. Also given are rules for how to write your GES 300 exams and what kinds of questions you might see. The National Universities Commission (NUC) has made GES 300 a required course for all departments at the University of Port Harcourt and even other schools. It is a course where you learn how to run a small business and how to be an entrepreneur. Here, students have the chance to learn about management and starting their own businesses, which will help them become their own bosses, run any business well, and take advantage of every business opportunity with the ideas they have. Uniport doesn’t mess with GES courses because all students have to pass them before they can graduate from college.


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Answers to the Questions in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook for UNIPORT GES 300
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Answers to GES 300 Questions

Module 1

  1. False
  2. B (Three)
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. B
  9. D
  10. C
  11. C
  12. C
  13. C
  14. B
  15. D

Module 2

  1. Entrepreneurship and the firm
  2. Task Environment
  3. D
  4. B
  5. Different methods ranging from simple to complex

Module 3

  1. Potential new products or services that the needs of which is not yet satisfied
  2. Danger and opportunity
  3. Unsatisfied needs in an environment
  4. The realm of the known to that of the unknown
  5. The reasons why people will like to buy goods or pay for any service
  6. Benefits
  7. Benefits
  8. Product’s features
  9. An idea
  10. Make money
  11. It has no commercial value initially
  12. Abstract form
  13. C
  14. (a) It must have a mechanism for making revenue (b) It must have a market that is willing to accept it (c) it must offer benefit to the customer by solving a problem or fulfilling a need
  15. Good opportunities
  16. See it or realize it
  17. Entrepreneurial alertness
  18. Entrepreneurial alertness
  19. Is key to business success
  20. False
  21. Planning and executing the pricing, promotion and distribution of products, services and ideas in order to create exchanges that satisfy both the firm and its customers
  22. Marketing managers
  23. Consumer behaviour
  24. Relevant and timely information
  25. Marketing research
  26. D
  27. International marketing
  28. Conscious and coordinated fashion
  29. Professional owners
  30. D

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This GES 300 Part IV is typically done to assist students in answering the questions from Question 131 to Question 160. If you’ve answered yours and want to confirm if what you’ve done is correct, you can easily check the answers below. If you’ve not answered any, you can still use this as a guideline to answer yours. But in all, we advise you read the Textbook so that you can confirm the answers provided.

Answers to GES 300 Questions

131. Information theory of entrepreneur is associated with who ______. Answer: who to produce for, how to produce and what to produce


UNIPORT GES 300: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Workbook Answers



132. Marketing P(s) entails price, product, promotion, people, process, physical distribution and ____ Answer: Place.

133. Qualities of good brand are memorable, meaningful, transferable, attractiveness and ____. Answer: Protectable, competitor and dismitive

134. _______ manager is saddled with the long-term well being of the firm. Answer: General

135. A pioneer work of Henri Fayol is ______ dividing of ______ principles of management. Answer: Labour, Unity of command

136. Boston Consulting Group has _____ quadrants. Answer: four

137. A manager must have equal authority and _____ to ensure effective management of his unit. Answer: virtue

138. Legal, commercial and financial due diligence are due required in ______ of business. Answer: Management

139. When, where and what to buy, even how to buy is associated with _______ behaviour. Answer: consumer buying behaviour

140. ______ is used to express a condition when firm take over the assets and liability of a competitor. Answer: Acquisition.

141. The opening record of most/every accounting and financial statement is ________. Answer: opening stock/inventory

142. A company policy to mitigate against eventuality in life _____. Answer: Assurance

143. The common benefit of E-commerce are convenience, brand variety, product comparison and _____ Answer: competitive pricing

144. A major concern of e-commerce across the globe is ____. Answer: Border

145. To diagnose e-business, _______ components are involved in business model. Answer: Swot analysis and Portek five forces analysis

146. _______ is  a common form family business transfer a succession in Nigeria. Answer: Inheritance

147. The most critical stage of selling process required to convert word to action is _____. Answer: Approach

148. Salesman involve in educating and creating a favourable image for a brand ____ Answer: promoter

149. Johnson products follow what type of name branding approach ______. Answer: Individual brand name

150. Shopping mall offers what type ______ benefit. Answer: all types of

151. The first step in strategic managerial process _____. Answer: planning

152. Management practices is geared towards achieving two key word as _____ and _____. Answer: efficiency and effectiveness.

153. The strategic management question of how do we get there? Is addressed in what stage of the process. Answer: Idea creation

154. _____ is the creation of new way of doing things by individual working in an organization. Answer: Innovation

155. In entrepreneurial economy, every question of what, who, how and where to produce is directed by ____. Answer: Entrepreneur

156. Utmost good faith is associated with _____ principle. Answer: Insurance

157. Right certifications, job experience, age personal attributes is found in ______. Answer: Curriculum

158. Production/system analysis is a typical of ______ plan. Answer: organizational

159. Most people do not secure loan due to inability to get ______. Answer: collateral securities and quantities

160. Small business may not necessary do formal marketing research but through _____, _____ and ______. Answer: knowing the target market, identifying potential customer and asking customers question about the product.

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