Learn more about hormonal health and feel more empowered

Learn more about hormonal health and feel more empowered.

Unfortunately, lots and lots of  vital issues are not covered/taught in our various  school or religious places of worship . This is a vital conversation, and we should be learning about how amazing and powerful our bodies are as women. Instead, most women ‘re taught the opposite: we’re not supposed to talk about our bodies, periods, or cycles. Worse, we’re socialized to be embarrassed or ashamed of it, only talking about it in private to other women.

knowing the importance of preventive health

We don’t learn about how powerful and wonderful our cycles are, or what really happens each month when they occur. But, sooner or later, most of us understand how intertwined our hormones, cycles, and bodies are with our lives. In terms of how we feel. To our procreation. To our vitality. To our power. As well as our general wellness.

So, here are some excellent locations to begin. And to discover the wonders of your body, its hormones, and its cycles. They are strong features of femininity! Thank goodness, there are so many wonderful materials available. Warning: once you start learning, it becomes addictive (and there are so many benefits).


Downloading a period may cause lightbulbs to flash in your head (in a positive way, of course!). Here are a few novels I recommend beginning with:

In terms of whole cycle education:

  • Alisa Vitti’s novel In The Flo

Toni Weschler’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility

If you suspect that something is wrong with your cycle:

  • Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period
  • Alisa Vitti’s “Woman Code” (great if you have any PCOS, long or shorter cycles, I read this in 2015 and it blew my mind)
  • Dr. Lara Briden’s Period Repair Manual

These are excellent resources for women entering the next stage of their lives:

  • Lara Briden’s Hormone Repair Manual
  • Christiane Northrup’s The Wisdom of Menopause
  • Improving Life

Hatfield Lioness Masters Scholarship for Developing Countries

Tracking app.

These days, there are so many great tools that help us check in with our cycles! I adore Flo, and Glow is really fantastic. But there are a lot of them. Choose one you like and begin a daily tracking routine once you stop using birth control. Allow yourself a few months to settle into this habit, and before you know it, you’ll be noticing trends in your mood, food cravings, and how you feel socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically each day based on where you are in your cycle. It’s incredible how all of these things link! This is by far one of the most beneficial things I do for my entire health, let alone understanding my hormones. It’s a lot of fun once you figure it out.


Learn more about hormonal health and feel more empowered




Assist your body in readjusting.

When going through a hormonal change, it’s important to support yourself in every way you can. The most important method of all? The foods you consume!  If you’re not already eating largely nutrient-dense, whole foods, this is a fantastic place to start. Not only will your body receive the nutrition it requires to adjust, but you’ll also feel better physically, especially if you’re working to stabilize your blood sugar. Begin with REAL FOOD. Consume as much nutrient-dense food as possible while avoiding processed foods. Consider plenty of vegetables and high-quality healthy fats.  beans/nuts, high-quality protein (think soups, salads, smoothies, nut butters, avocados, etc). You want to fuel your cells from the inside out, while also keeping your blood sugar as constant as possible so your body can focus on mending and rebalancing.



Allow yourself some time to process your emotions.

It’s natural to be angry when you discover that what you’ve been told about hormones, birth control, side effects, and long-term consequences on the body is incorrect. There are many mechanisms in place that, like food, are probably not in your best interests. So, while you go through your hormone journey, give yourself some time, space, and compassion. And welcome a new chapter in your life, one in which you will be educated and empowered about your own body. Consider yourself a generational pattern breaker—if you learn this, imagine what you’ll be able to educate and convey to your children and the children around you. It’s breathtaking.

Take care of yourself.

Start (or continue!) a few self-care habits as you go through this shift. From writing to long walks to baths to face masks, having routines that center you and connect you to yourself is critical in this process. The more you take care of yourself, the more you begin to trust yourself. Trust that your body can heal if you give it what it requires! Tune in to your deep inner voice, get out of your own way, and trust that you’re on the right track.

Let’s go there today: moving away from chemical birth control.



First and foremost, let me state that there are numerous reasons why women opt to use birth control. There are also other compelling reasons why women choose to discontinue use. It goes without saying that I am not a doctor and that this is not medical advise. However, it is an excellent item to bring to your doctor in order to discuss what seems right to YOU.

Some of the reasons why some women choose to discontinue hormonal birth control include:


  • Maybe you are wanting to prepare your body and hormones to potentially have babies in the future.
  • Maybe you’re experiencing a deep feeling of wanting to be off daily medication and its side effects.
  • Maybe you want to heal your hormones, finding out what’s really going on inside your body so that you can bring it into alignment.
  • Maybe you want to help your body re-acclimate to its natural cycles and rhythms, no matter your age.
  • Maybe you’re experiencing health symptoms that are mysterious, and you want to eliminate a factor.

Whatever your reasons are, I believe this topic is worth thinking about. And learning about. Here are a few great places to get started:


Learn more about hormonal health and feel more empowered

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