Ashawo slaps customer 10times and….      Oshawa slaps customer 10 times and repented. Is no longer news that most young youth  sleeps and dine with runs girls which are modern prostitution, those days it usually paparazzi but these days reverse is the case, how on earth will you invite a lady for sex and not pay her the agreement fees both of you agreed on, this has cause lot and lots of blood bath and shedding in some areas of our life, the truth be told if you don’t have money one should think of being productive with that spare time instead of inviting problems and issues to your self, CLICK TO REAAD ABOUT LOVE  HERE

What are the consequences of sleeping with a RUNS Girls/ prostitute

They are so many implications of sleeping and having careless sex with a runs babe or motel prostitute


Ashawo slaps customer 10times and….

from the spiritual angle it brings your downfall quickly if you have ever done such please kindly study the week you sleep with that lady, everything since to be ad-normal and troublesome for you, you either lost money in business or contact or one issue of the other even without remembering what the genesis of the problems started from. one can say sleeping with a runs babe is not healthy,  if  may ask do you know how many persons she sleeps with on a good day for her ( CUSTOMERS )

the other physical implications is that one could be infected with a killer disease all over town, I am sure that was not your GOD given plan on earth to die of HIV AIDS,  so one needs to understand his purpose on earth and focus more on things that matter most to him.



This days ladies are the target for this young G/BOYS Ritual all over town we have seen and we have the head of a lot of stories how she jumped out of the car and started running Mad,  we have seen how she goes from church to church for deliverance from evil spirit , we have seen how she couldn’t give birth again bcos she has been used for certain rituals for money-making, is time to be wise as a person, is time to stand up and ask your self what is you GOD  Given plan for yourself in this life  as a whole , am sure GOD has a purpose for every man on earth, so sister why not seek the face of GOD  and turn away from such act and see how GOD will make you prosper in all you do happily

Finally my advice to guys is that one should thread softly in other not to get into trouble ,  there are so many ways to ta;l to this ladies without fighting them or picking quarrels with them ,  once are lady is exchanging her body for money , she is ready to get merciless , she wont hear any other story from you until she gets are full payment or half balance , a world is enough for the wise , thanks for reading if you enjoyed this article please kindly share or like the star button .

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