BEAUTY TIPS: Ways of maintaining Ones Beauty On The Outside


Beauty is a very important aspect of every girl’s life, especially when she is beautiful both on the inside and outside. Anyone who doesn’t have a beautiful character can’t be called beautiful.

So today we will talk on how to maintain one’s beauty both on the inside and outside.


Ways of maintaining One’s Beauty On The Outside

  1. Water (H2O) :

Water is very Necessary and essential to take. Water helps to make the body look healthy, attractive, smooth, soft etc. Water also performs so many functions inside the body too.

  1. Food/fruits/Vegetables:

In other for us to look healthy, we must Eat only healthy foods and try to avoid foods that has more Fats and calories. We should take more of oats, nuts, almonds, etc. Milk is also good for the body, at least we should take 1 glass of Milk every day.

Fruits and vegetables are also good for the body especially papaya. When eating foods, we should learn to add more veggies and fruits like Cucumber, that way the food becomes more healthy and it will affect our body in a positive way.

  1. Face Wash:

  You can’t have a smooth face or a soft face if you don’t take care of it. The most

Natural way to wash your face is by using the following:

  • Warm Water:

                This is very necessary to use. All you need to do is to get a small towel and a bowl of water, use the towel and take some of the warm water and clean your face.

  • Milk Wash:

                Using milk to wash your face leaves your face smoother, fresh, and lighter.

  1. Steaming:

                Steaming our face helps to repair pores, makes our face smooth and fresh.

  1. Bathing:

Using strong sponge to scrub our body hardly does not make the body clean, instead?

        We are damaging it. Soft sponge are ideal for scrubbing our body, that way we won’t get injured or even damage our skin  rather we will get a clean and smoother look, our Body needs to be handled with care.

  1. Smiles:

                Oh yes, this plays a major part in beauty. People who tends to frown always age faster than their age. We wouldn’t want to be 25 and be looking like 60 would we?, so being Angry is a No No. We should try to be more jovial and happy all the time and learn to smile that way we would remain beautiful.      

  1. Face Exercise:

                It is very important to do face exercise At least every morning. It gives our face the perfect look. Smiling for 2 minutes exercise also works a lot, pouting too and using our hands to massage our face with olive oil works.

  1. Sleeping With Make Up Is Also A No No:

                If you follow all my instructions you wouldn’t even need any make up kit trust me.  A lot of people feel without make up they are not beautiful, but that’s artificial. Wouldn’t you like to be attractive without makeup or wouldn’t you. Think about it.

  1. Face Mask:

                Face masks are very important to use. They leave our face fresh, smooth, clear, also removes Blackheads. There are different types of facemask we can use on our face. Here are some of them:

  1. Egg White and honey
  2. Avocado and papaya juice
  3. Turmeric and honey
  4. Rice water and turmeric


  1. Body Scrub:

Body scrub is important to use too. It helps to exfoliate the skin and it makes the skin lighter.

Some body scrubs we can try at home:                                                                                                                  (a) strawberry and sugar

(b) Papaya, honey and sugar

(c) Lemon and sugar etc.

  1. Face Cleanser:

It is necessary for every girl to have this in her Beauty kit. Face cleanser removes Dirt

On our face. It is advisable to use it twice everyday “Morning and Evening” after  taking a shower.

Towel, Tissue, is a NO NO to use to clean your face. Cotton wool is ideal cause it won’t absorb the dirt into your skin, instead it will remove the dirt

  1. Soaps and Creams:

When choosing soaps and creams to use on our body, I recommend our Body cream should be different from our face cream because the face is far more delicate than the body and what won’t be harsh on our body can be harsh on our face we don’t want that now Do we?

When choosing, it should be hydroquinone free cause bleaching doesn’t help us glow Does it, It only makes our skin very open to diseases.



Now when we talk about beauty, is not just about being beautiful on the outside is it?  Like I said earlier if you don’t have a good character, you can’t be beautiful. To be a real Queen you have to possess the following:

  1. Polite: Real queens are polite, they are not Rude, arrogant or saucy, which is really cool.
  2. Real Queens don’t Argue Do they?. When someone wants to start an argument with them, they either change topic or walk away.
  3. Real Queens Say “Sorry(when they are wrong), Thank you and Please” This words are important to people, This shows you are well mannered and saying this words can take one very far in life.
  4. Real Queens help others without asking for anything in return or bragging about it.

 Real queens are also clean, It’s not just about looking clean outside then being  a garbage inside is it? Real queens don’t keep their surroundings Dirty and anything Dirt irritates them.

  1. Real Queens are respectful towards others and respect other people opinions.
  2. Real Queens work hard for their own money (legally).
  3. Real Queens always fight for what is right and they don’t Judge.
  4. Real Queens have a good manner of approach.
  5. They know how to relate and be in the mix of others
  6. Lastly Real Queens Do not throw their selves to Guys.
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