COVID 19: Rivers state denies lockdown for 21days 

COVID 19 : Rivers state denies lockdown for 21days  Is has come to our notice, that most persons in rives state have been carrying rumors that the state government is planning of locking down for 21days starting from Sunday 17th, 2020 8:00 PM NIGHT, the governor came out to debunk the rumors going around that he is planning to lockdown for 21days, so therefore you are advised to neglect the rumors going rounds about the fake 21days lockdown, so, therefore, you are advised to neglect the rumors going rounds about the fake 21days lockdown,

The lockdown was meant by heavy controversy by the good people of rivers state crazing the government of rivers states His excellency wike for not considering the people and taking any measures on how to go about the lockdown. our correspondent went round to get peoples opinions, all interviewed persons were all saying and claiming that the system is overacting and overdoing it even if the government of the people means well

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 The people are all looking forward of those who claimed to have gotten the virus to come out clean and testify, most south-south don’t believe the virus is fully in Nigeria, the people fear that the government of Nigeria is using this means to cash out money from the system, a government who has the power and the money can go as far as doing anything to calm anything upon the poor masses, Rivers state has had little or no cases in terms of COVID 19 cases, we all know that if the virus was actually in Nigeria 

the cases would have to be far more than the cases we see today, some people also use interview sessions to also thank the government of rivers state for protection and providing for the people, the calm that the government was proactive, that he knows his duty as a government, they also blame the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, by not doing enough to protect the citizen’s life during when the COVID 19 cases have grown or even entered Nigeria as a whole.


A leader is a person who has the people at heart, a leader is a person with vision, mission and has good agenda and has good idealogy for the people he wants to rule as a people or group, a leader can also be seen as a servant and a person who is ready to serve his people, AFRICANS don’t have a leader any more after the death of Nelson Mandela. African leaders have never had you at heart as leaders one should always have the masses at heart, if a leader is not merciful, if a leader is not visionable, am sorry such leaderships is a mess. AFRICAN LEADERS/PRESIDENT IS MOSTLY JOKE TO THER PEOPLE 


GREED: most Africa leaders/presidents are all greedy. this person comes into power and never wants to get go of the power, the steal lots of money and enemas wealth for their 10th generation to come, Africa leaders are mostly power-drunk, it sounds like a broken record but that is the reality on ground Vision less: NO plans for the work the take as a leader in a position they are . is very difficult in Nigeria to get a leader who will come into power and change the system totally, if you ask the leaders of tomorrow all you hear is, when I get to the position I will take my own national cake, the Nigeria of our father’s dreams is all gone , as per today Nigeria produce visionless leaders, most leaders get into the position without even knowing what to do. eg leaders in Nigeria always setting up committee upon the committee, all this committee ends up bringing out nothing but mission less situation. our present leaders may all be jokers at all . May GOD BLESS US ALL FROM BUBBLES MULTI GLOBAL INTL 

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