How not to fall into wrong Hands this Christmas season. Is no longer news that Nigeria

systems now encourage people with questionable character of different kinds in all aspect of our daily doings as a country, this is a country that is bent on negotiating with arms bandit and some terror group, all in the name of sympathizing with them due to tribal or religious wise, this is best known by the (Nigeria) government of the day. In this articles I will explain both the northern and the southern parts of the country  then lastly I will talk more about those returning back to their motherland  for the Xmas season to enjoy with there love ones

How not to fall into wrong Hands this Christmas season

For those travelling to the northern parts of the country, the simple way to be safe at the Xmas season is to watch your back and be smart about where you go, how you drink, and how you talk, most person coming down to Nigeria after a year or thereabout due to so much happiness and joy of seeing their relatives, end up falling into the run hands, happy are those who read this piece of information and share to there love once thru words of wisdom, the Nigeria system is filled with lots of corrupt and evil leaders who have not done so much for the masses, so what does this implies it simple means most crime committed are usually attributed to hunger, lack of government care, mental illness, not having finance to cater for its self and families, just same way the man in the south will tell you he has to do any job to feed his families when caught in a crime which he committed. the truth is the Nigeria police don’t really care about your full movement and will not be able to risk there life this very season,  so a  word is enough for the wise @ we do all we can to help you survive this country and update you all on current happenings, this is a flashpoint for no visiting by outsiders to northern parts of Nigeria, N0.1 Avoid Katsina state, avoid northern part of Kaduna state, avoid all most all the North East of Nigeria, These places aren’t safe for new visitor  please listen up and be safe for us all, bandits are all over the flashpoints, they are not smiling at all 

How safe is the northern part of Nigeria       


          How safe is the northern part of Nigeria as the writings are in Red colors so are the dangers all over NORTHERN NIGERIA most of the big boys won’t even dare traveling without a police escort, this information I write to you won’t be seen in any Nigeria newspapers or anytime soon till one falls victims you now become the news headlines

How not to fall into wrong Hands this Christmas season, All those traveling to the southern parts of the country should also apply caution and there where about movement and how they show off their things too much of envy and sickness are all over town, one can not be trusted, please all the newcomers should be aware of the environment and people around you if you suspect and strange moving or words you are not comfortable with please report to the nearest police and do justice to your mindset. you don’t need to announce all your movement to everybody around you please apply caution for your safety, the good news about he southern part of the country is that the security personnel are closer to the masses than the northern parts of the country, the issue here could be because of awareness and government at the middle is a little bit open due to the more civilized masses he or she is governing in the state . . definitely I can talk anything without the end sar saga in the southern parts of the country, this shameful act alone is so shameful that even the international communities are so much interested about the panel to be investigated by the judges and independent civil organizations


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