N-Power Device Collection And MattersArising

         N-Power Device Collection And MattersArising Non-issuance of Npower device with particular reference to the Batch B category of the Npower program is a clear act of marginalization. All beneficiaries of the scheme are equal stakeholders with the same measure of entitlements generated towards giving a fair level playing ground. “What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”.
The affirmative claim of robust allocations of which the Bank of Industry (BOI) was contracted for the purchase of devices calls for a measure of scrutiny. This is precipitated by the fact that circumstances surrounding this disturbing issue seem very sketchy.  There is yet to be the issuance of devices to the Batch B category which epitomizes an underestimation of the significance of the Npower device which encompasses content relevant for training, skills development, and tool to executing assigned tasks within the duration of the program.


The call for an investigation into the matter is hinged on the premise that this is a clear case of corruption which is worthy of being put forward before the public eye as it cannot be swept under the carpet. Modalities towards that should anchor on investigations as to the circumstances surrounding the non-issuance of the device and to ascertain how expenditures along this line have been made so far. Its a beckon to the infusion of the device collection to form an integral part of the streamlining modalities proposed for better efficiency of the Npower scheme.
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As agitations towards the best exist options steers in the pipeline, I and my likes are soliciting for the incorporation of some unaddressed anomalies associated with the program ranging from issues of nonpayment of backlogs to non-device issuance to the Batch B most importantly to be treated as a matter of necessity and urgency.
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This is considered imperative as beneficiaries do not obviously have the luxury of patience at their disposal to entertain and succumb to the incessant use of semantics such as “Soon” and “We are working on it” to cover incompetencies that have already entered a menopausal dimension. In essence, we want positive outcomes through the fulfillment of all promises by relevant authorities which requires doing the needful. This is necessitated on the grounds that keeping hope alive over issues of device collection and payment of backlogs have kept the fate of beneficiaries hanging on the balance for too long which has become sickening and frustrating to condone. It has become crystal clear that the only apparatus for gaining compliance for the management of this scheme has potently proven to be the word “Protest”
In a nutshell, the discussion on disengagement of beneficiaries by authorities already generating media buzz is considered premature if issues of entitlements are left unattended to.
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