Never surrender to the sinful world    First of all my love for my Mama gat me crying all night when I see her lovely face on my phone smiling to my unborn. can we all surrender someday GOD, to see mama again? mummy, I promise no one will win us this time.

when life takes us high we break it up by doing what makes us all happy, remember to always save the lifelines, whenever you are ready, you can get married don’t surrender to blackmail by unknown people, enemies of the state of mind,  surrender all to the maker, yes is high though for only those who understand,  link here 

Never surrender to the sinful world 

this is actually not an article, just about the world we live, whenever you are ready just surrender but is not always like that? because we cant surrender at our own will, he takes us all by surprise the only ones who will be noticed at the surrounding time, is just a white flag for them, what about those who don’t get a notification at the last moment of the surrendering of their soul. lord let all surrender at the right time always amen. ( see how things turn out at last click 


she left as grief, we left away from the moon world to the white cloud, whenever you are ready lord please have mercy, how could we surrender without knowing ooh no one will win this war or this lonely going ghost world please when am gone save the light flag for them, tell the kid’s life will always be what they plan, can we all surrender all lord please don’t make me go under gee , because we all deserve a place in your home lord, we are all born sinner, most people don’t even know their right or wrong before going fully into the world they found themselves, what about those with the will or mentality of the blind justices. lord into your hand we all commit our soul, no space to talk about a brother killing brother, or sister disrespecting sisters, what about our villages and the idols worshipping things lord, are we all stock on this same page, or we get a better chance trying to be holier than some folks,  in the den doing all sort of evil-doing. but I know you mum is on the right track happier than ever, may GOD bless all those of those who have put in all hard works but still waiting for your blessing cos we can’t surrender to the evil world, thanks to mum blessing and prayer before leaving this cold world, may GOD BLESS THE DEATH ALWAYS.  what about our politicians how they steal and never get tired of stealing making the people got poorer and poorer, see life why is man so unkind to mankind.

conclusion/meaning of the poem

whatever you are doing be good and be upright your time will come, be good to everybody you see around you, because you might not see them again someday, stay away from evil and pray for GOD blessings, always remember no soul came to the world with money and nobody will leave the world with money, if you have ever lost you love ones am sorry always pray for them and be ready to join them someday when we all surrender, but be good to your self and the next person around you, We will all make it big on earth before we surrender at last to the maker of life. But God please forgive me for my life and sins most of us won’t have made it without sins,

natalie taylor


see evil men does that live with them just a click HERE

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