Preference For Exit Package, Not A Witch Hunt But A Statement Of Fact

Preference For Exit Package Not A Witch Hunt But A Statement Of Fact


Preference For Exit Package Not A Witch Hunt But A Statement Of Fact   Before I advance in the course of my presentation, I will like to use this medium to express my undiluted gratitude to Mr. Justin Tsegba and the permanency crusaders for their relentless effort in ensuring that beneficiaries are not retired to the vicious cycle of poverty which is an automatic license to criminality.
However, in furtherance of our collective plight, I am calling for a change of strategy to avoid misplacement of priority. As rhetorically enticing as permanency may seem, one critical issue that cannot be undermined is the lack of political will of the government to give permanent appointments further worsened by the present-day economic realities.
Following the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic, it has become obvious that nations are gradually sliding into the recession of which Nigeria is no exception. It will be suicidal to think that with the current state of the nation that has promoted the Federal Government into resorting to seeking external debt as an economic sustainability measure, it will actually consent to be overburdened with the task of servicing additional salaries.
In analyzing the feasibility of the permanency drive, two economic indices have to x-ray. The current Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill that has passed three readings in the apex legislature (National Assembly) was necessitated on the premise of avoiding job cuts and losses that can possibly emanate from the inabilities of employers to do their usual businesses and service salaries. This signals the economic pressure that covid19 has brought to the table. At the moment no one is talking about employment creation rather avoiding job losses is now the top notched priority of discussion and concerns.
In line with the stimulus package, the survival option viable is the resort to the issuance of mortgages and loans. This is a revealer that loans have become a very reliable source of coping strategy with the covid19 economic trauma. On this ground, I will argue vehemently that looking in the direction of loan that spells exit package is a better option for beneficiaries. No one is talking about job creation in these critical times.
To buttress also my arguments in line with the preference for exit package is the close to be the implementation of the Steve Oransaya Report birthed from the presidential Committee on the rationalization and restructuring of Federal Government parastatals, commissions and agencies set up in the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. This is necessitated on the premise of reducing the cost of governance through emphatic scrapping of some Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. Is this not a shrinking of vacancy opportunities for prospective job seekers?
Also, employing a gigantic figure of 500,000 personnel through the Npower program requires constitutional backings and codifications that may take forever to get consent. Npower is a continuous process and if 500,000 beneficiaries are absorbed at the moment, who then creates vacancies for the next 500,000 persons ?. Remember until signed into law, Npower remains an APC agenda which many state governments may not buy into the idea of absorbing beneficiaries on the premise of political rivalry.
Giving permanency is not a matter of concern but what kind of offer do they have on the table ?. The transition icon is a reflection of the government’s intent on how best to disengage beneficiaries. The offer made in the area of permanency is a vigilante job repackaged to mean community policing. Is this not insulting for a 21st-century graduate?. A new ministry has been created and no talks have been made on absorbing beneficiaries via that medium.
Mr. Afolabi has been like the mouthpiece of the gods since the inception of the scheme. The last chat with beneficiaries simply suggests entrepreneurship rather than permanency. The proposed loan offer by him and the continuous talks of savings from monthly stipend spells nothing order than entrepreneurship. The recently released letter to beneficiaries suggests savings for investments (entrepreneurship) and not permanency.
I have done a survey on the youth’s perception of the matter and have discovered that millions of Nigerian youths are envious of us and can’t wait for us to be kicked out for them to take over. As such our thought of holding the APC to ransom should they mess up, may not hold water because the youths out there waiting to be empowered won’t hesitate to cast their vote for the APC. How irrelevant we may just become if we are not strategic in the pursuit of this struggle. Remember to empower is entrepreneurially driven in terms of its proposed goal attainment. Tue government is under no obligation to absorb beneficiaries if we are truly to examine the terms and conditions of the contract entered.
With these few aforementioned points, I am soliciting for a redefinition of strategy from permanency to Exit package or Permanency/exit package as options. We don’t have the luxury of time at our disposal. I do not believe in chasing shadows but a feasibility check will provide the compass to give a clear direction of which way to go.  Let the agitations start this minute.
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