The reason why you should not woo a girl on seasonal holidays

LOL, I must say, the most person may find this post offending some might laugh to it, why do we ask not to woo a lady on the holiday season,  an old friend of mine was actually looking for a lady to pass time for the season, like every other lonely guy out there, this goes as far as traveling to another state for the search like they used to say something must kill a man either home or abroad . as the search continues he went down to Calabar for the. carnival reaching there while he when to the


see love poem HERE 

highest hotel in town with due respect hotel name must be withheld,  4 days at Calabar, heading to the fifth day as the search continues he met  Maryrose by the name she was looking so hot and cute so elegant so take away so hot so lovely and super hot, WHILE ALL THIS WAS HAPPENING Maryrose was busy enjoying the moment till late at night, she was asking him about where he stays,  wanting to know more about this young and rich guy who is so so caring and willing to spend so much time and raw cash with a lady you just met last night . .. when it was almost 12 am, he had to retreat back to the room asking Mary to follow suit, she willing followed him, happily he was, joyfully he looks, quietly he showed …. Have you noticed today is 31st December 2019 is actually the last day of the year and last day of the month. Wait for a second this story will be continued next year. lol, we love you all. happy new year 2020.

Wooing a girl on Seasonal holidays

Ashawo slaps customer 10times and….

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