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Relationshipstalks having it smooth Many people tend to rush into this word called “Relationship”. Some people are not even ready yet to face the problems of it just because others are Dating they feel they should also Date.

Before you rush into a relationship you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am i ready to get hurt.
  2. Am I ready for anything that comes with it.
  3. Do I have a matured mind to endure.

Many Reasons why there are many failed relationships today is because of the

Relationshipstalks having it smooth



  1. Lack of trust:

This is one of the major problems in relationships. It takes both to have a matured

Mind for a relationship to work. You have to trust each other if you want it to work. You don’t have to  keep having doubts about each other. That’s why before you decide to engage yourself In such, you have to know the kind of person you want to have a relationship with if his/her character is good and If he/she can stick to just one person without flirting with others so when you guys start dating there won’t be any room for Dis-Trust amongst yourselves.

  1. Lack Of Love:

Most people, enter into relationships because of money and not love. later on, they will start regretting it.


                One thing we should know is Money is not everything, Money can’t buy happiness. Yes it’s true It is good to have money but at the same time why can’t we work hard to make our own money “I’m referring to the ladies now” or be a working-class lady rather than entering into a relationship that won’t make you happy but sad. It is always good to be in a relationship with someone we truly love, someone who loves us back and Not someone who you will marry and can’t even talk to because you are scared of him, or can’t relate well with him. That’s a NO-NO.

                The same goes for the guys do not marry a lady just because she has money. Work hard and make your own, that’s what a real man would do.       

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  1. Wows Without Ills:


No one is perfect, in life there’s always  a good side and a bad side, there’s always a pros and a cons.

So how can someone be 100% wow without having at least 1 ill.

This is another major problem that is affecting relationships today. Before one enters into a relationship they always start as friends. the guy will like to test the girl, the girl will like to test the guy. 80% of both pretend to be so perfect then when they enter the relationship the true character will start coming out which is very very wrong.

During your time as friends you should be real with each other, so you can both know each other’s character and see if you can adjust to it so if you can’t you won’t enter into that relationship and start complaining later. Bring both your wows and ills out. You don’t have to pretend to be something today and another tomorrow. That’s totally wrong.

  1. Secretive:

Being secretive in a relationship can never make that relationship work, it is not

Healthy for any relationship. If you want to enter into any relationship and make it work, you should learn to confide in each other rather than lying or keeping things away from one another.

  1. A forced relationship can never work, It is better for a relationship to happen naturally than being too persistent to be in it, sometimes we use our hands to cause problems for ourselves.
  2. Relationships based on sex can never work. You should be in a relationship because you love each other, and you want to be there for each other, and not because of sex. Relationships Based on sex can never work.
  3. You don’t have to talk about your spouse in a negative way to your friends, like I said its takes a matured mind to be in a relationship because a mature person will never do such.
  4. Prayer: if you don’t pray, you would make a wrong decision in choosing your life partner. Don’t forget in everything God first. This should be the first thing to do “prayer” that way you won’t end-up  making  any mistake
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