Rivers State and how it’s handling it coronavirus

    Rivers State and its corona virus  Rivers state is not very active on its case and situation on this virus issues, most of its populist is not even worried about the virus, most persons believe it is deceit by the government to get money from the WHO organization, they see everything as normal, most are even complaining why will the federal government have a lock-down on its citizen at first, we all need to understand that the government is doing all it can to resolve and reduce the way this coronavirus would have spread so fast, each citizen should also help to curtail and obey the law of the land for easier service delivery by the government of the day. Why should we believe that the virus is in Nigeria? That is the very big question most uneducated and uncivilized minder persons are asking each other, is a very big Shame that most people do not watch or listen to the radio or even view social media comments or the news online, we as a person should not or no longer laugh about it again . more seriousness should be seen by the people so others can learn and understand what is happening in the world.

What the government should have done before asking for total lockdown 


Rivers State and its corona virus

Is no longer news that Africa leaders like punishing its citizens without giving them safe heaven treatment for things they should have done without stress, As a leader, you ask for a lockdown 

without even granting or setting outstanding effect to lessen the poor masses suffering as a case of AMERICA CITIZEN the president helped in making life easier for the citizen, not just the poor but also the entire populist as a whole 

N0.1 What stops the Nigeria government from sharing or giving out some about of money for lessening the suffering of the ordinary man in the country 

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The government should also increase the amount of light in the country, most areas haven’t even seen light for the past two to four years of stay.  ( GET THE LATEST JOBS ON HERE  )

The Government should have taught of giving out foodstuffs and securing it, till it gets to the hands of the poor masses and average citizen, due to large scale of corrupt politicians and individuals between the corridors of power

N0.2 Our government should also help in supporting our local scientists in the country. By empowering them with some palettes, this can encourage them to also add to the world scientist who can also find or bring out the vaccine for the coronavirus


every arm of our Government Federal state and local government should know by now that the country we have in Nigeria and we cannot run away from our dear lovely country, this is a sign of our weak system from our government, our hospital, our roads, our light, our IT, communication, education system, our health system, our corrupt politicians, everything we have mentioned here should be looked into, our government should do more in providing its citizen with the best of bests.

any government in this country that didn’t learn from the COVID 19 viruses is not ready to lead its citizens to a greater height. while most countries are already evacuating her citizens from Nigeria because they fell we are not ready yet as a country to fight the virus . though some countries had evacuated their nationals from Nigeria, the Federal Government was yet to evacuate Nigerians from other countries owing to diplomatic procedures. He noted that evacuations had to be done within the framework of the embassies.

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