nigeria police #endsar Six ways that might still make Nigeria police force not to still perform its duty well even if the government pays them 1million naira each per month. #endsar

NUMBER ONE POINT IS: Regular Training NIGERIA POLICE OFFICER LACK ADEQUATE TRAINING AND SUPPORT KITS FOR AN EFFECTIVE JOB  TO BE CARRIED OUT AT THE EXPENSE OF ITS CITIZENS ITS GUIDING AND PROTECTION, the officer in charge of duties in my police stations lack the training capacity and public regards on how to handle issues and most of our police officers are not professional, so by suggesting the Nigeria government need to take adequate care of the police funding units and monitor the agency involved with the care/duties.

the number  two point is the monitoring team, the IGP of the Nigeria police force  which is the supreme head of the FORCE is supposed to set up a monitoring team unit for checkmating the lower rank officer in the field/street, the unit sole responsibilities are to look for, know where and see the day to day activities of men on the street and to give them general advice and orientation on human rights, how they handle policing as a joint communities progress and be in peace with their host communities, most especially monitoring them from betraying the trust of  the masses and humiliation them and abuses of their fundamental human right, lastly this teams helps to look and checkmate all those police officers that have to refuse to stop escorting VIP ND VVIPS , 

six ways why Nigeria police might not perform well

Respect for human rights at all time: NUMBER THREE-POINT @  

Respect for human rights at all time is long under preached at the police academy or orientation from their D.P.O to the scene on the officers  in each  of the 36 state and local area of the federation, the Nigeria police officer has the understand the fundamental  human within our world we live, the Nigeria police at the very moment in time need the best of respect for human right, as a police officer one should be allowed to undergo, lots and lots of training and seminar 

NUMBER FOUR-POINT : The igp should always revisit the officer’s welfare on yearly basics, whoever agency is responsible for the welfare of the officer should be ready to report directly to the IGP, with immediate effect, which is after that the commission is to check the balance on the IGP AGAIN. with all these checks and balances one should be able to trust the policing of Nigeria at large..


Promotion and punishment to all level of officers on any confirmed allegations or crime committed by the officers the words are so simple as its sound, promote them and punish those who are due for punishing or sack them form line of duty, like most officers, are reckless while they are still with their guns, the liberty given to them by the government of the day might end up making them misbehavior both in general and in private.

The DPO should be changed at intervals,.nigeria police #endsar

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