The untold story of security matters in Nigeria, First of all why are our police officers always killing and acting wired among its fellow citizens, that is a question we all got to ask our self, secondly is why is CHIEF IN COMMAND


Igboman ShouldRule Nigeria 2023


THAT is the president not doing enough to eradicate this situation, who have forgotten the #endssars matters, or are we asking about the unholy evil dealing of our country security men, or what about our 50 Naira collection police black uniform men, ooh I forgot about the

wizkid cry’s as fan laid to rest Sergeant dismissed



commissioners of police and the power-drunk illegal drunk police officer, , we cannot stop talking or ruling out our dirty situations in my country Nigeria, the number person needs to think and get it right, today we have a lot of godfatherism, oshobaba just joined one today being June 12, 2020, in Edo state. we live in a very funny country since I was born I have never since a country with so must corruption like mine, the truth needs to be told, I can tell you nobody really knows how much the country makes per day income. all we know is that the figures are being read online or television to the masses, a country where every young people wants to become a government official to also steal its own share of the country nation cake. my people need to be free from all darkness of the occult world, we all know that the rulers of this world are int fetish activities but that cannot be proven till seen, but we all know , .

The untold story of security matters in Nigeria

This is how Nigeria police officer has painted this country black with there black dirty uniforms, for most of them it is business as usual .most police personnel are really into wrong and evil deals of the state, the day a Nigeria police begin to understand that he is superior to the politicians is the day the country might change for better, as a police officer and you are doing house boy for billionaires in the country,

Living And Death Of Majek Fashek

the untold story of security matters in Nigeria is that most security budget is usually used for business, they are the one extending the crimes and also the ones increasing the crisis in the said state or communities, we all know the trips and politicians in it, but one must understand that nothing lasts for 24hours and still survive without the government’s hands-on its


Why Abia has never gotten it right

fully, but most of the securities chiefs will always play victims to the plans anything anywhere, may we not be victims of evil, there children children will inherit the troubles they are keeping for them. the book ram is fully a program that can be hardly stopped by a government that doesn’t have the people at heart and the kinds of politics being used on a daily occasion. insecurity is a vital and serious issues as Nigeria today, but we see it as a low profile case because it has gotten to the big men in town.. PART 1

Federal Government employment 2020

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