thenigeriafm and the community response on Nigerians

thenigeriafm and the community response on Nigerians Over the past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the corruption, killings the federal of Nigeria systems, the rapes, government borrowing, and the china spying and lending Africa presidents huge some of the money and helping them execute their major projects knowing that nothing goes for nothing and the eastern people fighting for Biafra. I have been thinking about white supremacy, the injustice that Black women and men are standing up against across the world, and all the injustices I can’t know, and don’t see.

One of our mission at  mission is to democratize publishing, and to me, that has always meant more than the freedom to express yourself. Democratizing publishing means giving voices to the voiceless and amplifying those speaking out against injustice. It means learning things that we otherwise wouldn’t. To me, it means that every voice has the ability to be heard, regardless of race, wealth, power, and opportunity. We at a sister company to BUBBLES MULTI GLOBAL INTL  is a portal to commerce; it is a canvas for identity and a catalyst for change. As a black nation, we have to put our self together and fight for justice, I saw a new that Fulani owns our great country and that they intend to rule forever till they are weak and tired, how possible is that . and nobody is saying anything in my country with such comment on a national newspaper


While  a company may not be capable of refactoring unjust judicial systems or overwriting structural inequality, this does not mean that we, as a  community, are powerless. we can’t dismantle white supremacy with our awareness but the community can invest in underrepresented groups (whose experiences cannot be substituted for) and hire them equitably. we can’t eradicate prejudice, but as a community, we  can hold space for marginalized voices in our community/country

There is a lot of racial, societal, and systemic injustice to fight. At times, change may seem impossible, and certainly, it’s been too slow. But I know in my heart that our news community is capable of changing the country Nigeria

If you would like to learn more about how to make a difference in your own community, here are lots of ways one can achieve that as a person in Nigeria or Africa. thenigeriafm and the community response on Nigerians

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