Why  Ihedioha was sacked at first

what imolite expects from Ihedioha  . Gov. Emeka Ihedioha of Imo on Monday renamed Jacob Zuma Road in Owerri after First Republic parliamentarian and minister, Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi . Yes he did that on Monday but the truth has to be told  , should we stop the blame came and start the “Talk and Do ” Your excellency i must commend all the changes and breaking of yolks injected by the past government against the wishes of the people , that is a very powerful; steps be taken  , but the truth still remains  , that doesn’t add value to the state or the average man on the street selling or the unemployment situation among your people , we have to start doing physical projects all over maintenance , the road leading to almost all the old beautiful town is really bad , most are filled with handy dust  ( RED MUD SANDS )  the capital looks more dity than ever ,  i must confess houses are now getting higher, lots of young female hustler at every hotels and night clubs at owerri , . The state capital seen to be the only better city in the state , lots and lots of negligent on the local villages

what Imolite expects from Ihedioha

, lots and lots of poor drinking water at the local villages, IMO STATE IS a very delicate state with poor security measures lots or evil things happens daily, we need to wake up and fight against inside corruptions, fight against insecurities, try to beat poverty to its minimal levels, ooh No what about our building industries and local farming for the farmers, can someone reminds us that we are among the NDDC, so what about the local content in the industries.  creations of jobs is what the people want,

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Natural resources

The state has several natural resources including crude oil, natural gas, lead, Calcium Carbonate, and zinc.

Profitable flora including iroko, mahogany, obeche, bamboo, rubber tree, and oil palm. Additionally, white clay, fine sand, and limestone are found in IMO state

see the major towns below

Imo’s major towns include Isu, Okigwe, Oguta, Orlu, Atta Ikeduru, Akokwa, Mbaise, Mbaitoli, Mbieri, Ohaji/Egbema, Orodo, Nkwerre, Ubulu, Ngor Okpala, Omuma, Owerri, Mgbidi, Awo-Omamma, Izombe, Orsu, and Amaigbo, Umuowa Orlu, Isu/Umuozu.

among all this towns Owerri is the only developed place , which is not suppose to be so , we urge on the government to look beyond the capital and invest outside the capital to give some other town sense of belongings , the rate at which the Fulani herdsmen operated last 2years wasn’t funny lots of person lost their love ones , but i know with you as a sitting governor you will look up to the situation and provide adequate security , an average imolite are peaceful and loving people , i know you will be supported if only you try at this your first tenure , kindly look at the state university , i must tell you sir IMSU has a bad name outside the state , most parents sees the institution as a school without home training, most persons don’t learn all they do is sort their way out of school from year to year , we could share ideas on how to bring back its past glory and get things working again from THENIGERIAFM.COM

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